7 Ways to Save Time on Your Blogging

Successful blogging requires a lot of hard work. Anyone can slap up a blog and forget it. If you want to achieve whatever blogging goals you have set, you can’t adopt that attitude. Since blogs are all about engagement, you have to constantly be “out there”, engaging in a conversation with your target audience.

Think about what the following blogging tasks have Continue reading

Top 7 Benefits of Becoming Minimalist

minamalismWhen starting out on the long trail I took to find success on the internet, there were a lot of things I had to discover. Not all the things you see should be bought. That is why you should focus on doing one thing and doing it well. This is a type of Internet Marketers way of minimalism. What do I mean?

Well, some minimalists define this “less is more” practice as owning 100 things or less. Others who enjoy a minimalist lifestyle don’t obey a strict rule that dictates exactly how many items they have, they simply limit the number of virtual and physical possessions they obtain, and practice this ideology on an ongoing basis. However Continue reading

How to Hire Remote Employees

remote officeDay after day, month after month, and year after year, an interesting
shift in employment is occurring. It’s the rise of companies built
partially or entirely on remote staff – that is, employees who work from
home or who don’t need to be in any physical proximity to their boss or
business’ headquarters. In many cases, like that of popular customer
support software Groove, the business itself may not even have a
headquarters, making for an entirely remote team.

Why has this trend been rapidly growing? For one, it cuts costs; if
you’re able to put the money saved from office rent and associated costs
each month right back into your marketing and advertising budget. Plus,
this can allow a company to more easily source talent that isn’t
available locally, and might not be able to immediately relocate due to
family, finances, etc. Many companies find as well that there workers
may be happier if they’re able to work their schedules around their
family life, hobbies, or other things that make them happy and may not
always coincide with a strict 9-5 schedule. Continue reading

Consider Living Abroad As an Entrepreneur – Like I Am

Traveling manWhile the millennial generation is one that is blatantly fond of travel
(and will show as much constantly through their Instagram and Snapchat
pics and videos), most of the population will still live out their life
in one country without ever living in another place. A smaller though
far from insignificant portion will never even make it out of their
country for so much as a trip.

For some, that’s safe and comfortable, for others like me, it’s more than
depressing. Whatever your perspective, this Continue reading

Free List Building Systems

Building a list is the number one key to making it online. There are so many ways that you can start, that you are spoilt for choice.

However, there are a few resources that you will need to get yourself going. One such resource is a landing page.

There are not many that you can get for free and use straight out the box. However, List Returns has a great offer that you can take advantage of right now which will kick start your list building.

Get a free system from list returns by visiting their website here.

How to speak so that people want to listen

Every now and then I re-evaluate  what I am doing and where I am going. How often do you take a step back and consider your current status? Not just your inner self, but how you react and interact with others.

TED talks are one of my favorite places to find inspiration and a little deep learning. This talk from Julian Treasure gave me a lot to think about. What do you think?

Tips for warming up before a podcast or filming a video?

How to Make a Free Website – With Weebly

Recently I have been asked how anyone can make a custom website for free. There are many suppliers of this kind of service, but one of my favourites is ‘Weebly’. They were my stepping stone to learning WordPress, so I guess I owe them that.

The use that has helped me the most is when I was starting out with zero budget. Needing a ‘disposable’ but good site for a bit of credibility was all I wanted. So for building a quick site to use for showing the likes of AdSense, Amazon and Bing Ads that you are serious about your marketing efforts these are ideal.

The content that I used was quick articles I wrote anywhere between 300 and 1000 words to fit the niche I was targeting. No great encyclopaedic content is needed, just enough to show that you are interested in what you are talking about. Add a video as an explainer or tutorial and you are done.

Each site only needs three or four pages and that is your job done. The tutorial below explains what to do better than I ever could, so please go for it and enjoy.



PS I am still using and making money from my first sites I set up so they are not to be ignored!

5 Reasons Why You Should Go For PPC

When I first started out in my IM ‘career’, the thought of actually paying for traffic horrified me. The stories of making a bundle of money using free organic traffic hooked me in a big way. My reasoning was: why pay for something I can get for free? Some years later and a whole lot wiser, I woke up and smelt my empty bank balance.

Why PPC?

One of the effective marketing tools in the market today is Pay-per-Click (PPC). This can drive massive traffic instantly and on demand to any website for much higher sales and thus, profit. However, a low understanding of PPC would cause low returns on investment while a strong knowledge and application could drive up profits in a short marketing period. Straight forward common sense so far!

PPC can generate high returns on low investments as payment is only made when the prospects click on the ads. A solid grasp of PPC will help you get an optimal return in a short time frame.

The following 5 reasons are just some that I can think of as to why you should think very seriously about getting into Pay Per Click advertising.

Reason 1 – Flexible budget

The investment cost of PPC marketing can be very low depending on the marketer. A good understanding of PPC programs would enable the marketer to determine the size of its marketing budget for different marketing campaigns especially if different strategies are in the pipeline.

An Internet marketer may choose the amount of advertising to be indulged in on a daily basis and the length of run for each ad campaign to control the advertising budget. This allows the marketer to exercise a good control over the advertising budget without exceeding the stipulated quantum for the expected returns.

Small budgets would lead on to generate smaller returns which could be re-invested to garner higher returns over time with patience.

Reason 2 – Simple and Immediate

 Another good reason for implementing PPC marketing is its simplicity in setup and implementation. You can setup a PPC account easily without professional assistance with an immediate application process to enjoy good returns in a relatively quick time.

The process is easy and quick with simple setup instructions available in opening an account for PPC marketing activities. The Internet offers a wide array of tips and guides from opening an account to the implementation of effective campaigns to enjoy good results. Instant market visibility is achieved with a PPC account and a ready-to-go marketing campaign. The long establishment of PPC marketing is very helpful to motivate new PPC marketers in embarking in this first and important step to enjoy future outcomes. Little else is required to get the campaign going once the PPC account is established with a good marketing campaign formulated.

Reason 3 – Targeted Audience

PPC marketing is attractive because it is easy to attract the right type of business prospects. The well setup PPC account and website offer a quick view of the products for a quick click on the link. This simple action would generate the wanted traffic for the marketer and improve their return on investment that this brings.

When your landing page is well designed with the right marketing campaign implemented, the right audience would be attracted to generate the desired clicks on the link. These are potential buyers who are likely to make purchases or activate the desired services offered in the case of CPA network promotions. Hence, a well-planned PPC marketing campaign is necessary to captivate the niche market based on the products or services promoted.

Different products and services promoted at different seasons may generate different marketing campaigns to target at the right consumer crowd. This would avoid a waste of resources, cost and effort by the marketer to achieve their marketing goals and objectives.

Targeted audience in PPC marketing can be easily identified from the available tools in the system. The right keywords used in specific geographic locations can draw the right buyers. These perimeters could be easily changed to attract different crowds in different demographics using similar marketing plans and strategies.

There are more savings generated when the marketer targets the right audience in each of their marketing campaigns to ensure viable leads are generated. This would help reduce wasting of resources, time and effort for the marketer and business.

Reason 4 – Manageable Marketing Campaigns

There is no reason to fail with PPC marketing approaches as this marketing tool offers great flexibility and dynamism in its marketing endeavors to make every marketing campaign a success. The marketer has full control over the marketing campaign to direct the flow of targeted audience and promotions.

It is possible to start, modify, pause or stop a marketing campaign using a few simple clicks in a few minutes. This is crucial for marketers who are alert to the volatile market where changes can happen at any time. Marketers who exercise a good management of their PPC marketing campaigns would enjoy more savings and higher profits with lower losses without wasting time and resources.

As there are no hard and fast contracts to bind the marketer, a PPC marketing campaign can be most effective with slight changes according to the market demand. An immediate tweaking of the marketing campaign can prove to be most beneficial to the marketer and business with this feature.

Reason 5 – Performance Tracking

PPC marketers enjoy manipulating PPC programs as they offer easy-to-track facilities on all their marketing campaigns. Real-time statistics can be generated immediately to show how the ads are performing with click-through rates. This is necessary as high advertising costs are incurred and the best of ROI must be secured.

Real-time tracking of ad campaigns serve to benefit the business as a poor performance calls for an immediate pause in the campaign to avoid further losses. Marketing campaigns must be taken back to the drawing board to be fine-tuned and released to recoup lost time and profits.

The provision of performance tracking of PPC marketing campaigns makes the advertising facility more versatile to benefit the business.


That is five things that should show you that PPC is a great way to get traffic. The return on investment is really good if you start slow and follow a blueprint. My first campaign cost me under $10 to start and has given my 700 opt ins in 4 weeks and two sales – on auto pilot. I have not started marketing to them, but built up trust and a rapport with them. This week comes the pitches and we will see how we perform from just one small campaign which cost me little to set up and run.

10 Great Affiliate Networks

For my money, affiliate marketing is and always will be a hot topic on the business scene, with a growing number of options available to us as marketers. The market offers a host of well-established affiliate networks to get more customers into online marketing as a main source of income generation.

Choosing Affiliate Networks

We all acknowledge that the key element in a successful affiliate marketing program is to join a reputable affiliate network that can provide the best of products or services to be marketed as well as a strong support for the marketer to call on when in need.

Below is a list of 10 great affiliate networks, which if you have not already, you may consider joining as long as you do your due diligence on the preferred affiliate network. It is not necessary to join multiple networks, although many ambitious and more experienced marketers join the lot to give a better niche selection.

It is possible to acquire 7-8 figure incomes with multiple affiliate networks as long as they are able to manage all of your websites and marketing. Multiple affiliate networks allow you to raise the success level and thus income higher on a shorter time frame with the long list of items or tasks to be promoted. This goes without saying, but beware of overloading yourself as I did when starting out. I tried to do too much and failed miserably until I focused on just one thing.

10 Great Choices

1) Clickbank.com

This is a very popular affiliate networking platform with a long list of sale-able products and promotional services for new and experienced affiliate marketers. Clickbank accepts all members easily with a good management structure. It is well established in the marketplace with a high reputation in its industry.

2) Plimus.com 

This affiliate networking portal is very similar to Clickbank with its quick and easy acceptance of members and wide variety of offers. A successful account setup leads to an appointment of a live and experienced account representative who guides the affiliate marketer through on using the portal.

There is no coercion to make purchases of marketing guides and tools.

3) Markethealth.com 

This is an ideal platform for those who are interested in promoting physical health products. A lot of wellbeing niches with attractive payouts can be secured from this affiliate marketing platform. A quick acceptance would get the new affiliate marketer going on the market to generate extra income.

The main attraction of Markethealth.com is the high payout on single products that generate high income.  The use of PayPal decreases waiting time for payment.

4) Linkshare.com 

Linkshare offers super easy acceptance with great tracking measure on hops and conversions. However, lower market commission rates are offered as merchants are required to pay for the services.

Payments tend to be slow, although many top level companies join as merchants. This is the primary selling point of this platform where the marketer can tap on the market reputation of these big corporations to boost their affiliate marketing endeavors.

Many useful tutorials are available with effective development tools for the affiliate marketer to improve marketing and sales. A friendly development team is available on hand to answer marketing issues.

5) As Seen on PC 

A website would be required for you to be accepted by this affiliate network. It offers physical products as well as services with fair rate commissions. This is an excellent platform choice for those wanting a wide array of products to sell or up-sell via newsletter sequence.

6) Commission Junction 

Commissions offered are very varied depending on products and seasons as well as participating merchants. The huge variety of products works well for seasoned marketers, although newbies may need some wisdom to avoid bad offers. As an older network, the site is not very user friendly for a quick navigation.

7) Share a Sale 

This may be a smaller network, but it is fast gaining market acceptance with attractive commissions. It offers a simple join up process with a small time investment to get started.

Its tracking process is excellent with a strict monitoring over inconspicuous rebilling structures or potentially unethical practices that may bring complaints to its marketers or their system. There are no software offers or skimpy products as most products available are high quality items to be promoted.

8) Never Blue Ads 

This affiliate network is a little more selective in signing up marketers. Experienced affiliate marketers are preferred to build further on a successful affiliate marketing business with Never Blue Ads network. Hence, marketers should have a Clickbank account prior to signing up for Never Blue Ads to ensure a quick and fast startup.

9) Azoogle 

This affiliate network prefers higher level marketers on its team, although it has experienced and friendly managers to serve the marketers. Azoogle offers fun little programs in its affiliate offerings with a mix of contests for extra earnings.

This well established affiliate network is skilled in treating their affiliates, customers and vendors to keep them happy and satisfied between sales. It has a wide range of products to offer that entices many marketers to its platform.

10) Affiliate.com 

This affiliate network expects skilled marketers who can jump on board and steer the ship out of the harbor, although the variety of products and offerings may be lesser than other networks. More Cost-Per-Action offers are available, but a successful stint here can generate a handsome income as this affiliate pays well.

Strong support is offered to affiliates in succeeding in this business program, although high standards are set and adhered to. Great rewards abound for those who meet the platform’s performance criteria. Strict vetting of applicants is exercised with a personal notification upon a successful scanning.


There are hundreds of affiliate networks in the market today with more cropping on every day as advanced technologies open the floodgate in this arena. The rising demand of affiliate marketers also increases the rapid expansion of affiliate marketing programs on the Internet. There are plenty of review sites to check and compare the affiliate networks and participating merchants to ensure a wise choice before indulging in one or more of these online business ventures. It is up to the affiliate marketer to make the final decision of affiliate network to venture into.