10 Great Affiliate Networks

For my money, affiliate marketing is and always will be a hot topic on the business scene, with a growing number of options available to us as marketers. The market offers a host of well-established affiliate networks to get more customers into online marketing as a main source of income generation.

Choosing Affiliate Networks

We all acknowledge that the key element in a successful affiliate marketing program is to join a reputable affiliate network that can provide the best of products or services to be marketed as well as a strong support for the marketer to call on when in need.

Below is a list of 10 great affiliate networks, which if you have not already, you may consider joining as long as you do your due diligence on the preferred affiliate network. It is not necessary to join multiple networks, although many ambitious and more experienced marketers join the lot to give a better niche selection.

It is possible to acquire 7-8 figure incomes with multiple affiliate networks as long as they are able to manage all of your websites and marketing. Multiple affiliate networks allow you to raise the success level and thus income higher on a shorter time frame with the long list of items or tasks to be promoted. This goes without saying, but beware of overloading yourself as I did when starting out. I tried to do too much and failed miserably until I focused on just one thing.

10 Great Choices

1) Clickbank.com

This is a very popular affiliate networking platform with a long list of sale-able products and promotional services for new and experienced affiliate marketers. Clickbank accepts all members easily with a good management structure. It is well established in the marketplace with a high reputation in its industry.

2) Plimus.com 

This affiliate networking portal is very similar to Clickbank with its quick and easy acceptance of members and wide variety of offers. A successful account setup leads to an appointment of a live and experienced account representative who guides the affiliate marketer through on using the portal.

There is no coercion to make purchases of marketing guides and tools.

3) Markethealth.com 

This is an ideal platform for those who are interested in promoting physical health products. A lot of wellbeing niches with attractive payouts can be secured from this affiliate marketing platform. A quick acceptance would get the new affiliate marketer going on the market to generate extra income.

The main attraction of Markethealth.com is the high payout on single products that generate high income.  The use of PayPal decreases waiting time for payment.

4) Linkshare.com 

Linkshare offers super easy acceptance with great tracking measure on hops and conversions. However, lower market commission rates are offered as merchants are required to pay for the services.

Payments tend to be slow, although many top level companies join as merchants. This is the primary selling point of this platform where the marketer can tap on the market reputation of these big corporations to boost their affiliate marketing endeavors.

Many useful tutorials are available with effective development tools for the affiliate marketer to improve marketing and sales. A friendly development team is available on hand to answer marketing issues.

5) As Seen on PC 

A website would be required for you to be accepted by this affiliate network. It offers physical products as well as services with fair rate commissions. This is an excellent platform choice for those wanting a wide array of products to sell or up-sell via newsletter sequence.

6) Commission Junction 

Commissions offered are very varied depending on products and seasons as well as participating merchants. The huge variety of products works well for seasoned marketers, although newbies may need some wisdom to avoid bad offers. As an older network, the site is not very user friendly for a quick navigation.

7) Share a Sale 

This may be a smaller network, but it is fast gaining market acceptance with attractive commissions. It offers a simple join up process with a small time investment to get started.

Its tracking process is excellent with a strict monitoring over inconspicuous rebilling structures or potentially unethical practices that may bring complaints to its marketers or their system. There are no software offers or skimpy products as most products available are high quality items to be promoted.

8) Never Blue Ads 

This affiliate network is a little more selective in signing up marketers. Experienced affiliate marketers are preferred to build further on a successful affiliate marketing business with Never Blue Ads network. Hence, marketers should have a Clickbank account prior to signing up for Never Blue Ads to ensure a quick and fast startup.

9) Azoogle 

This affiliate network prefers higher level marketers on its team, although it has experienced and friendly managers to serve the marketers. Azoogle offers fun little programs in its affiliate offerings with a mix of contests for extra earnings.

This well established affiliate network is skilled in treating their affiliates, customers and vendors to keep them happy and satisfied between sales. It has a wide range of products to offer that entices many marketers to its platform.

10) Affiliate.com 

This affiliate network expects skilled marketers who can jump on board and steer the ship out of the harbor, although the variety of products and offerings may be lesser than other networks. More Cost-Per-Action offers are available, but a successful stint here can generate a handsome income as this affiliate pays well.

Strong support is offered to affiliates in succeeding in this business program, although high standards are set and adhered to. Great rewards abound for those who meet the platform’s performance criteria. Strict vetting of applicants is exercised with a personal notification upon a successful scanning.


There are hundreds of affiliate networks in the market today with more cropping on every day as advanced technologies open the floodgate in this arena. The rising demand of affiliate marketers also increases the rapid expansion of affiliate marketing programs on the Internet. There are plenty of review sites to check and compare the affiliate networks and participating merchants to ensure a wise choice before indulging in one or more of these online business ventures. It is up to the affiliate marketer to make the final decision of affiliate network to venture into.