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I am Darryl Smith. I have been in Internet Marketing since April 2010. You can read my start and progress on this site starting here.

My arrival in the United Kingdom in 2003 started with a dream of a new life, a better way of living and a safe environment to work and exist. This is part of that dream. Starting life  from  scratch with a few dollars in my pocket, some crumpled clothes and a burning desire to succeed armored me well for what lay ahead.

On my CV I have commented tongue in cheek that on arrival in the UK I have a PhD and a QBE. That is I am Qualified by Experience and my arrival was very much Penniless, Homeless and Desperate. Only hard work and grit can ever change these things.

Putting all this into a melting pot and with a stubborn streak and passion for life, this is why I am here. Please share and comment.

Thank you.

4 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Marketer Post author

      Shane thanks for stopping by and commenting. It is really appreciated. Week 2 Challenge complete, what about you?

  1. John Elmore

    I’m John Elmore and while visiting your blog and looking over your post today I decided I had to leave you a comment. I will start by saying thank you for taking the time to do this blog and I believe many people will be thankful for the information and value you are sharing, I know I’m very grateful.
    Good luck with your blog and I’m anxious to return as soon as I can to see more. There is so much to learn from a blog and they are really such a great way of sharing and providing to people. I have been working on my own blog for a short time now and I will continue to add and update as often as I can. Please visit my blog and check it out and I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I have enjoyed yours. I will always welcome your comments my friend. Peace and take care.
    God Bless,
    John Elmore
    My Blog: http://www.johnfelmore.com

    1. Darryl Post author

      John it is very kind of you to have visited and I appreciate the kind words.
      Adding and updating is a time consuming job, but that is what internet marketing and the internet itself is all about.
      I’ll be calling around to your blog shortly.
      Stay well.


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