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The End of The Quickstart Challenge 2014

The end of The Kick-start Challenge 2014 last week was a climax that a lot of the participants were obviously not keen to have happen.


There is no doubt that there are lot of people who took part that feel that there was so much packed into the short course that it seemed over before it began. A lot of action was taken into the few short weeks that the Challenge ran, and many put themselves way out of their comfort zones.


Stiff formal videos were shot, brief as they were. Blogs were set up with dysfunctional pages. Scant regard was given to content length or quality in some cases. So what? The main thing is that it was done. This remarkable accomplishment in such a short time is more than a lot of people have done in years of trying.


Good for us. That is what this was all about, getting started. There is plenty of time to improve and perfect, not just say that ‘we did that and now it is over we can slip back into old ways’. The days of buying endless non money making blueprints should now be over.


Getting the Kick-start that we paid for should have shown all that there is a lot more to making money on line that forum surfing and buying rehashed crap. Yes I used that word for what it is.


The organizers are to be praised for the value they gave and their ability to get a few hundred people motivated enough to get off their collective seats and do something to build a presence however shaky it seems. Yes motivation and inspiration. Now it is to continue.


Many of the participants were not able to participate in the more advanced course that was offered as continuity at the end of the fourth session. The amounts asked for were just a bit too prohibitive to people like me, but for those who can avail themselves of the up-sell, good luck and may you prosper. I am certain that under the wise guidance of those involved you will excel and we will watch your stars rise.


For those like me who did not have the ability to upgrade, take heart, you have the keys at your disposal now to create something for yourselves. Just do it.

What Challenges You Now?

Every now and then a challenge comes along which you take. Whatever the reasons that you start the challenge are, you are determined that you have accepted, so will conclude the task at hand.

This is the way I have felt given my latest challenge which is where this blog/website finds me now. Nearing the end of what has been a serious if not too arduous series of tasks.

In life, I have discovered a lot of things are sent to try my patience, endurance, or just sanity. This has to have been one of these. Possibly all three I guess.

Whilst at school


Whilst at school we were forced to run cross-country which we were instructed was really good for us and would stand us in good stead in later life. I did not believe it then, and do not to this day believe it, which is why I vowed that I would not  run cross country after school. I did not intentionally do so except on one occasion when an angry baboon…but that was back in Africa and a long time ago.

What I am getting to is that there are some things which we do when we are instructed to whether we want to or not. For me this was operating in the front of a camera instead of behind one.

Now I know for sure which way my internet marketing is going to go. And that sure is not in front of the camera! I do not mind doing tutorials and boring people to death with my voice, but that is where it ends. A face for radio and a voice for pdf!

So a great thing has been accomplished

So a great thing has been accomplished on the challenge. I have defined myself and my future as I wish to continue.

When watching great Internet Marketers at work, I am in awe of their ability to hold an audience in the palm of their hand and guide them as they will. If you have watched Chris Farrell, he is really brilliant at getting you to follow what he says.  Annunciation is clear and you can visualize what he means almost immediately.

Alex Jeffrey’s is another who can hold attention and orate for two days without needing to stop or seem tired. How on earth he developed that skill I will never know. In 2013 I watched over two days one weekend when he did just that. I am not in that league and nor do I aspire to be as I now know that that is not where my leanings are and that is for sure.


What has struck me strongly

What has struck me strongly is that I have learnt so much over the years which I now take for granted. This seems to me to be the logic take up point for my direction. It would be difficult to say how much it has cost to get to where I have, but where am I really?

What can I share and show that for me is second nature and is now easy to do? What will I be able to do from now to help others as I have been helped?

What you you want?Please share in the comment box and get my great freebie in my sign up page. Written’ produced and sponsored by me! My first ever ‘self done’ product. Its not pretty, but its functional. Also has a laugh in it too! Enjoy


The Quick Start Challenge Week 3

Yes the third week of our challenge. Not as daunting as it seemed after all. The thought was, what more must we do to prove not just to each other, but to ourselves? (Still averse to video!)

My major problem has been focus. There has been so much distraction, that I decided to end it all. The distraction I meant, not the other. In this vein, I started deleting the contents of my email in box. To be truthful, that should be boxes. As an inveterate squirrel, I have more than one email address, hence many distractions. Seeing more than 20 000 emails sitting in an inbox is sobering thought. What if I had a dollar for each. Indeed what if…

The clear out taught me to focus on what mail I was getting and from who. There was the whole crux of the matter. I could see that I had been duplicated on many peoples lists as I bought various ‘products’ with one email address and received in another. It got a bit confusing. No more. With a resolve borne from this new challenge, I decimated the contents of the unread piles and unceremoniously unsubscribed from many email lists.

One thing I have learnt in the past few weeks is that  there has been a very nasty breach of security doing the rounds with WordPress sites. This is something I need to read further about as it is always a concern. Basic precautions are always taken, but are they enough? I know that determined hackers will invade whichever space they want, but at least we can do what we can to hinder them.



The Quick Start Challenge – 2014

The Quick Start ChallengeLast night on 8 April 2014, I started on a new chapter in my internet marketing experience. With a webinar hosted by Dean Holland and with Craig Crawford hitting the chat box, things started on a positive note. In the wings somewhere was the other host JF Garsula.

The Quick Start Challenge looks like it will give a solid grounding to anyone wanting to seriously earn a living Continue reading


There are quite a few budding, as well as well seasoned, mentors striving to be heard over the crowd in a very competitive field. In my experience, there has been a growth of mentors in the industry in such places as the online Internet marketing forums. So much hype and strident voices promising riches beyond dreams etcetera. It can be hard to sort out the good from the bad. I had been following a thread about how to build review sites from the ground up.

As it had long been a desire to learn this type of site set up, a regular watch was kept  on the thread. After much monitoring, I signed up and paid my money to be mentored via daily e-mails to build my own first site. I must admit that the thought of daily expectation of throwing at least two hours into my education over a period of I think it was two weeks seemed a bit daunting.

However, being a naturally stubborn person, alI thoughts of failure and hard work were put behind and it was with determination that I cracked on with my education. The training was surprisingly good. Each step of the process was explained simply and in graphic detail. Daily ‘homework’ had to be done and e-mailed back to my ‘tutor’, who marked it, commented and showed what might be better.

From how to choose a product, choosing keywords, site structure, build method and the SEO that was required on and off page was explained. The ease with which a site could be built absolutely amazed me. This training was addictive and I came to anticipate each evenings e-mailed session with much enjoyment.

Much satisfaction and pride was had from building my site. This had definitely been a very worthwhile process which I would not hesitate to recommend. After my training ended, I made a couple of other sites using the method, but still await seriously positive cash flow.

This had been fun, but now I had the feeling that I was becoming directionless. It was time to find something sustainable. Someone to give me that final edge.

The Enlightenment

On a website which my surfing had landed me on, was a banner winking at me quietly in the top right corner. The flashing text read out ‘Create Your First Website by 3:45 This Afternoon’. I thought ‘Yeah, right’.

What I had been reading on the site was pretty good, but this annoying banner would not go away. More in an attempt to make it go away than an intentional thought out process, I clicked on it. If the idea was to make it disappear much as swatting a fly, then the direct opposite happened. The new page I landed on was an absolute change from any others that it had been my experience to see.

The basics of the situation, was that in return for signing up to be on Chris Farrell’s list, I got a pdf file on how, as it said on the tin, to set up my first website. Admittedly, for me it would never be by the time stated, but if my start time had been earlier in the day, who knows?

For once in my experience, here was someone who took you by the hand and walked you through the process slowly, methodically and clearly. Chris explained each step and showed the effect of everything that was being done. The lights at the back of my dim brain slowly came on as each step fell into place.

What I had gone through on my first doomed venture now seemed so far away. Now the understanding and to be honest, the awe, at how this creation of a website could be made to happen was my first real sense of achievement. The simple way that a few strings of letters could be made into an intelligent piece of Internet history was to me the moment that I knew it was time to look no more.

The weekly emails from Chris piled up and were inwardly digested and put aside until later referral required their use. Other distractions took their toll on me and of course, the blight of the working man – the 9 to 5 job. (Apologies for bringing that up).

However, one fine day an offer appeared from the inbox which was a feeler for a training session called ‘Chris Mentor Me’. I looked at the content of the training, the price, my bank balance and sat down for a good think. It was time to stop messing around, bite the bullet and go for it. Following my lesson – which cost nothing – on how to set up a web site, I knew that for the money, there should be good value and knowledge transferred over the weeks the training was to run. Also a valuable lesson on building trust and rapport with prospects had been learned. The enlightenment of give first!

Although the course was run on a webinar basis, it was as if it was one to one each time. The structure and delivery was such that the implementation of the modules was easy. Having the videos in a members area to view over and over again was a valuable asset. The more practice that was done, the easier it became. Just like driving a car. The more you drive, the easier it is and the more confident the driver. At last the mystery of auto responder emails,. the wonder that is Aweber and the system of double opt in e-mail marketing was explained and more importantly – understood.

If only I had known all this before I had rushed in to set up my first ‘product’, how things might have been so different. Or would they? This new found knowledge was bursting to be let out and it was time to move on. Or was it?

My First Product

My first experience of trying to start making money online was the direct result of typing just  ‘make money online’ into the Google search box.

Somehow, soon I was on someones mailing list and then there was a quick introduction to a ‘business in a box’ which would pump vast amounts of cash into my bank account. All that had to be done was follow the easy instructions and then my future would be made for life. What could be simpler?

The much anticipated launch date of this amazing new – yet very popular – never to be seen again magic pop out the box and make cash business approached. My excitement knew no bounds as the daily emails compounded what was already known to me. All that had to be done was as they said in the easy to follow pdf instructions. From there on in it would be an easy life. It was amazing how easy it seemed to me, and had to admit that ‘fact’ to myself. Deep in my heart, I knew all along that there was ‘gold in them thar’ hills.

With nervous hands there was much waiting for the lucky early bird email to arrive saying that as someone who had wisely signed up early, there was a guaranteed iron clad promise that I would get one of a limited slots in the much anticipated dream machine. When the mail finally arrived saying that the product was launched and open, the payment section was quickly completed and then the fun began.

Having finally succeeded in downloading a huge set of files, I was absolutely clueless on what was expected of me. All the simple easy to follow tutorials might have been written on Mars for all the understanding I had of them. The numerous files were lovely to look at after downloading, but absolutely useless in my inept hands. What must be done? How can all the money paid out be made to work in the way promised, and how could the instructions be understood, let alone followed?

In desperation, contact was made with the seller who was absolutely understanding. For a small fee, the Aweber account was set up for me. For another small fee, the site files were edited with Paypal button and uploaded to the web hosting – which was also very kindly shown to me by a link which my savior had e-mailed to me.

‘The product’ as it was then called was registered at Clickbank – for yet another small fee. The excitement was immense. The job was done. I sat and waited for the affiliates to do their thing and planned my retirement.

Funnily enough, to this day I am still waiting. This had not been a cheap lesson, but it was one well learnt. ‘Do not play games you do not understand’ – with thanks to a great mentor for that quote line. It was the understanding of the whole process that I lacked. The whole process had been set up for me so that yes, I had the cash making machine set up and at my disposal, but what happens next? It was a bit like buying a car and not knowing how to drive. Parked in the garage was a nice new car, lovely to look at but absolutely useless in my hands.

The grim reality hit home that I really needed to get my act together if I was to change my life for the better. Although I had seen mentor programs available, I had always been very wary of putting my money where anyone could take advantage of my newbie status (again). Not that I was shy about investing hard earned money into my future, it was just that I wanted to learn how to open the garage doors and drive my new car without crashing – too hard or too often.

It was thus that my search continued. One fateful day my surfing led me to a banner which cried out to be clicked.


Dawn of Realisation

The dawn of realisation came quite suddenly one fateful day. I was sat reading a blog post by one of the ‘Guru’s’, and she was rambling on about mentoring and the cost of doing business.

The two meshed for me when she linked ‘mentor’ and ‘business’. It was like a bucket of cold water being thrown over my head. How much clearer did the message need to get for me to see the reason I was floundering? All the pdf files and video’s I had saved on my hard drive were totally useless without the interactivity that live coaching could bring. I had been treating my Internet marketing as a hobby or pass time and not as a business where I needed to learn vital skills.

When I was a youngster I was an apprentice electrician. The process of going from a first year apprentice who knew absolutely nothing about the trade, to finishing a as a fully qualified electrician after a four year apprenticeship was mapped out from day one. The criteria which had to be met and the disciplines which had to be learnt were all written down for you. In addition to the theory learnt at college, the route to qualify as an electrician was to learn various skills from others.

This mentoring was the cornerstone of my apprentice education.  As my training progressed, so I had different mentors who taught me different aspects of my trade. Those who were experts in one discipline passed on to me their skill set which gave me a rounded education. Transferring this to my new vision of being an online marketer, I realised that I needed to find that mentor, or mentors.

What I wanted was to run my own business and not be an employee any more.  A producer instead of a consumer. A seller and not a buyer. My approach had been wrong from the start and the time to start treating what I was about to do as a business and not a back room hobby began.

The problem was, how was I to find a mentor through all the spam and hyper guru rubbish spewed out there? Well..


In the Beginning

In the beginning, man addressed his keyboard and did type in those fateful words ”how to make money online”.

And from that day on, he has known no peace. Neither has his wallet  for that matter.

Is it possible for you to look me in the eye and tell me that this was not how you started in the wondrous realm of ‘internet marketing’ – the final solution to all your money woes?

Being the ‘man’ in question above, little did I know what I was letting myself in for during the next couple of years. Yes indeed I said years. Pain, anguish, frustration – all those and more went with the turf. I have a hard drive or two filled with the debris spawned from many an ill fated adventure into the futile search of the holy grail. Must have plug ins, reports, data sheets and bells to go with the whistles – ah yes, everything I never wanted or knew I needed – til now.

The elusive silver bullet has dodged me on many an occasion. No matter how much I waved my wallet into the air, screamed and shouted with up-stretched arms and flailing unrepentantly about the room, I have stood firmly on a river of quicksand. Sucked under by the information over load and the thick smoke to go with the mirrors as once were used by side show magicians As I have been sucked into the depths of despair still hearing promises of El Dorado, my grip on the reality I had once sought, now sadly fled.

What could I do? How could I ‘make it’?

And then, one day a strange thing happened.