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How to Make a Free Website – With Weebly

Recently I have been asked how anyone can make a custom website for free. There are many suppliers of this kind of service, but one of my favourites is ‘Weebly’. They were my stepping stone to learning WordPress, so I guess I owe them that.

The use that has helped me the most is when I was starting out with zero budget. Needing a ‘disposable’ but good site for a bit of credibility was all I wanted. So for building a quick site to use for showing the likes of AdSense, Amazon and Bing Ads that you are serious about your marketing efforts these are ideal.

The content that I used was quick articles I wrote anywhere between 300 and 1000 words to fit the niche I was targeting. No great encyclopaedic content is needed, just enough to show that you are interested in what you are talking about. Add a video as an explainer or tutorial and you are done.

Each site only needs three or four pages and that is your job done. The tutorial below explains what to do better than I ever could, so please go for it and enjoy.



PS I am still using and making money from my first sites I set up so they are not to be ignored!

How To Upload a pdf Document Into Your WordPress Site For Downloading

A  number of people were asking how this is done, so here is a short tutorial.

Apologies for the sound recording quality, but I have acquired a new headset so am still experimenting with the quality and volume levels.

Open your backend of your WordPress installation.
Go to Media >> Add New
In the open area presented, either drop and drag the pdf file (or you can load a compressed .zip file).
>>Or you can select>>search file>>double click on it>>job done.

Once uploaded, hit the blue ‘Edit’ and copy the file URL as shown in the video.
This is the Url that ‘Aweber’ or ‘Getresponse’ requires as the ‘download link’.

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Thank you.