The End of The Quickstart Challenge 2014

The end of The Kick-start Challenge 2014 last week was a climax that a lot of the participants were obviously not keen to have happen.


There is no doubt that there are lot of people who took part that feel that there was so much packed into the short course that it seemed over before it began. A lot of action was taken into the few short weeks that the Challenge ran, and many put themselves way out of their comfort zones.


Stiff formal videos were shot, brief as they were. Blogs were set up with dysfunctional pages. Scant regard was given to content length or quality in some cases. So what? The main thing is that it was done. This remarkable accomplishment in such a short time is more than a lot of people have done in years of trying.


Good for us. That is what this was all about, getting started. There is plenty of time to improve and perfect, not just say that ‘we did that and now it is over we can slip back into old ways’. The days of buying endless non money making blueprints should now be over.


Getting the Kick-start that we paid for should have shown all that there is a lot more to making money on line that forum surfing and buying rehashed crap. Yes I used that word for what it is.


The organizers are to be praised for the value they gave and their ability to get a few hundred people motivated enough to get off their collective seats and do something to build a presence however shaky it seems. Yes motivation and inspiration. Now it is to continue.


Many of the participants were not able to participate in the more advanced course that was offered as continuity at the end of the fourth session. The amounts asked for were just a bit too prohibitive to people like me, but for those who can avail themselves of the up-sell, good luck and may you prosper. I am certain that under the wise guidance of those involved you will excel and we will watch your stars rise.


For those like me who did not have the ability to upgrade, take heart, you have the keys at your disposal now to create something for yourselves. Just do it.

2 thoughts on “The End of The Quickstart Challenge 2014

  1. Bob Moore

    Hi Darryl,

    Well said. The important thing is that people took action. My hope is that those who saw the Quick Start Challenge through to the end are continuing to implement what they learned.

    I joined Dean’s coaching program, and I’m already getting opt-ins. It’s amazing the things that can happen when you just take action. It may sound like a cliche, but it’s so true.

    Good luck with all your endeavors, and I hope you achieve much success.

    1. Darryl Post author

      Thanks for the kind comment Bob. Cliche it is, but yes – we must go on to even greater success.

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