How To Upload a pdf Document Into Your WordPress Site For Downloading

A  number of people were asking how this is done, so here is a short tutorial.

Apologies for the sound recording quality, but I have acquired a new headset so am still experimenting with the quality and volume levels.

Open your backend of your WordPress installation.
Go to Media >> Add New
In the open area presented, either drop and drag the pdf file (or you can load a compressed .zip file).
>>Or you can select>>search file>>double click on it>>job done.

Once uploaded, hit the blue ‘Edit’ and copy the file URL as shown in the video.
This is the Url that ‘Aweber’ or ‘Getresponse’ requires as the ‘download link’.

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Thank you.

10 thoughts on “How To Upload a pdf Document Into Your WordPress Site For Downloading

  1. michael

    Great video friend, Thanks for helping out,I wish you the best of success with the Q, S, C, also this is a very nice looking blog you have hear !!

    1. Darryl Post author

      Thanks Michael appreciate your kind words. I hope we all continue to reap the benefits of this challenge and do not drop off into oblivion once the challenge ends.

  2. jairson

    hey darryl thnx for sharing the video i was wondering where i could put my pdf on the site now u showed me keep up the good work bro.

  3. Mike

    Hi Darryl, thank you for the video on uploading PDFs for downloading. I’m afraid I don’t understand the last bit about copying the link to Notepad. Can your visitor download the file direct by Right Clicking on. the URL and taking the option “save link as” — or, do they download it through a link in an Aweber Email? As you can guess, I have an awful lot to learn! Thanks Darryl. Keep smiling!

    1. Darryl Post author

      Hello Mike, Glad you got value from this.
      The URL you keep on the notepad is what you paste into or use as a hyperlink in your first ‘welcome’ email.
      This lets your subscriber download the pdf -as you say, “right click and save as…”, so yes it is the direct download link.

      (I just save a lot of stuff onto notepad so I have it handy when I need it – habit I suppose!)

  4. Mike

    And it’s an excellent habit. Notepad files take up very little space and I have a lot of them on my desktop for the various websites I like to access. I open the appropriate file and Copy/Paste the URL into my browser, and then the login details.
    Okay, so the customer gets the freebee by hitting the hyperlink in the welcome Email generated by you in, say, Aweber but where is it actually stored? On your WordPress Admin page, where you uploaded it to? So, as soon as the hyperlink is activated by the customer, Aweber’s long arm reached across, plucks a copy from your WordPress Admin page, and chucks it over to your customer’s Inbox . . . ? Keep smiling!

    1. Darryl Post author

      Yip Mike, it’s all stored in your media library until Aweber sends in the clowns to send it out to perform. That’s about it!!
      Always smiling, no other way to be…

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