In the Beginning

In the beginning, man addressed his keyboard and did type in those fateful words ”how to make money online”.

And from that day on, he has known no peace. Neither has his wallet  for that matter.

Is it possible for you to look me in the eye and tell me that this was not how you started in the wondrous realm of ‘internet marketing’ – the final solution to all your money woes?

Being the ‘man’ in question above, little did I know what I was letting myself in for during the next couple of years. Yes indeed I said years. Pain, anguish, frustration – all those and more went with the turf. I have a hard drive or two filled with the debris spawned from many an ill fated adventure into the futile search of the holy grail. Must have plug ins, reports, data sheets and bells to go with the whistles – ah yes, everything I never wanted or knew I needed – til now.

The elusive silver bullet has dodged me on many an occasion. No matter how much I waved my wallet into the air, screamed and shouted with up-stretched arms and flailing unrepentantly about the room, I have stood firmly on a river of quicksand. Sucked under by the information over load and the thick smoke to go with the mirrors as once were used by side show magicians As I have been sucked into the depths of despair still hearing promises of El Dorado, my grip on the reality I had once sought, now sadly fled.

What could I do? How could I ‘make it’?

And then, one day a strange thing happened.