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5 Reasons Why You Should Go For PPC

When I first started out in my IM ‘career’, the thought of actually paying for traffic horrified me. The stories of making a bundle of money using free organic traffic hooked me in a big way. My reasoning was: why pay for something I can get for free? Some years later and a whole lot wiser, I woke up and smelt my empty bank balance.

Why PPC?

One of the effective marketing tools in the market today is Pay-per-Click (PPC). This can drive massive traffic instantly and on demand to any website for much higher sales and thus, profit. However, a low understanding of PPC would cause low returns on investment while a strong knowledge and application could drive up profits in a short marketing period. Straight forward common sense so far!

PPC can generate high returns on low investments as payment is only made when the prospects click on the ads. A solid grasp of PPC will help you get an optimal return in a short time frame.

The following 5 reasons are just some that I can think of as to why you should think very seriously about getting into Pay Per Click advertising.

Reason 1 – Flexible budget

The investment cost of PPC marketing can be very low depending on the marketer. A good understanding of PPC programs would enable the marketer to determine the size of its marketing budget for different marketing campaigns especially if different strategies are in the pipeline.

An Internet marketer may choose the amount of advertising to be indulged in on a daily basis and the length of run for each ad campaign to control the advertising budget. This allows the marketer to exercise a good control over the advertising budget without exceeding the stipulated quantum for the expected returns.

Small budgets would lead on to generate smaller returns which could be re-invested to garner higher returns over time with patience.

Reason 2 – Simple and Immediate

 Another good reason for implementing PPC marketing is its simplicity in setup and implementation. You can setup a PPC account easily without professional assistance with an immediate application process to enjoy good returns in a relatively quick time.

The process is easy and quick with simple setup instructions available in opening an account for PPC marketing activities. The Internet offers a wide array of tips and guides from opening an account to the implementation of effective campaigns to enjoy good results. Instant market visibility is achieved with a PPC account and a ready-to-go marketing campaign. The long establishment of PPC marketing is very helpful to motivate new PPC marketers in embarking in this first and important step to enjoy future outcomes. Little else is required to get the campaign going once the PPC account is established with a good marketing campaign formulated.

Reason 3 – Targeted Audience

PPC marketing is attractive because it is easy to attract the right type of business prospects. The well setup PPC account and website offer a quick view of the products for a quick click on the link. This simple action would generate the wanted traffic for the marketer and improve their return on investment that this brings.

When your landing page is well designed with the right marketing campaign implemented, the right audience would be attracted to generate the desired clicks on the link. These are potential buyers who are likely to make purchases or activate the desired services offered in the case of CPA network promotions. Hence, a well-planned PPC marketing campaign is necessary to captivate the niche market based on the products or services promoted.

Different products and services promoted at different seasons may generate different marketing campaigns to target at the right consumer crowd. This would avoid a waste of resources, cost and effort by the marketer to achieve their marketing goals and objectives.

Targeted audience in PPC marketing can be easily identified from the available tools in the system. The right keywords used in specific geographic locations can draw the right buyers. These perimeters could be easily changed to attract different crowds in different demographics using similar marketing plans and strategies.

There are more savings generated when the marketer targets the right audience in each of their marketing campaigns to ensure viable leads are generated. This would help reduce wasting of resources, time and effort for the marketer and business.

Reason 4 – Manageable Marketing Campaigns

There is no reason to fail with PPC marketing approaches as this marketing tool offers great flexibility and dynamism in its marketing endeavors to make every marketing campaign a success. The marketer has full control over the marketing campaign to direct the flow of targeted audience and promotions.

It is possible to start, modify, pause or stop a marketing campaign using a few simple clicks in a few minutes. This is crucial for marketers who are alert to the volatile market where changes can happen at any time. Marketers who exercise a good management of their PPC marketing campaigns would enjoy more savings and higher profits with lower losses without wasting time and resources.

As there are no hard and fast contracts to bind the marketer, a PPC marketing campaign can be most effective with slight changes according to the market demand. An immediate tweaking of the marketing campaign can prove to be most beneficial to the marketer and business with this feature.

Reason 5 – Performance Tracking

PPC marketers enjoy manipulating PPC programs as they offer easy-to-track facilities on all their marketing campaigns. Real-time statistics can be generated immediately to show how the ads are performing with click-through rates. This is necessary as high advertising costs are incurred and the best of ROI must be secured.

Real-time tracking of ad campaigns serve to benefit the business as a poor performance calls for an immediate pause in the campaign to avoid further losses. Marketing campaigns must be taken back to the drawing board to be fine-tuned and released to recoup lost time and profits.

The provision of performance tracking of PPC marketing campaigns makes the advertising facility more versatile to benefit the business.


That is five things that should show you that PPC is a great way to get traffic. The return on investment is really good if you start slow and follow a blueprint. My first campaign cost me under $10 to start and has given my 700 opt ins in 4 weeks and two sales – on auto pilot. I have not started marketing to them, but built up trust and a rapport with them. This week comes the pitches and we will see how we perform from just one small campaign which cost me little to set up and run.