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What Challenges You Now?

Every now and then a challenge comes along which you take. Whatever the reasons that you start the challenge are, you are determined that you have accepted, so will conclude the task at hand.

This is the way I have felt given my latest challenge which is where this blog/website finds me now. Nearing the end of what has been a serious if not too arduous series of tasks.

In life, I have discovered a lot of things are sent to try my patience, endurance, or just sanity. This has to have been one of these. Possibly all three I guess.

Whilst at school


Whilst at school we were forced to run cross-country which we were instructed was really good for us and would stand us in good stead in later life. I did not believe it then, and do not to this day believe it, which is why I vowed that I would not  run cross country after school. I did not intentionally do so except on one occasion when an angry baboon…but that was back in Africa and a long time ago.

What I am getting to is that there are some things which we do when we are instructed to whether we want to or not. For me this was operating in the front of a camera instead of behind one.

Now I know for sure which way my internet marketing is going to go. And that sure is not in front of the camera! I do not mind doing tutorials and boring people to death with my voice, but that is where it ends. A face for radio and a voice for pdf!

So a great thing has been accomplished

So a great thing has been accomplished on the challenge. I have defined myself and my future as I wish to continue.

When watching great Internet Marketers at work, I am in awe of their ability to hold an audience in the palm of their hand and guide them as they will. If you have watched Chris Farrell, he is really brilliant at getting you to follow what he says.  Annunciation is clear and you can visualize what he means almost immediately.

Alex Jeffrey’s is another who can hold attention and orate for two days without needing to stop or seem tired. How on earth he developed that skill I will never know. In 2013 I watched over two days one weekend when he did just that. I am not in that league and nor do I aspire to be as I now know that that is not where my leanings are and that is for sure.


What has struck me strongly

What has struck me strongly is that I have learnt so much over the years which I now take for granted. This seems to me to be the logic take up point for my direction. It would be difficult to say how much it has cost to get to where I have, but where am I really?

What can I share and show that for me is second nature and is now easy to do? What will I be able to do from now to help others as I have been helped?

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