The Quick Start Challenge – 2014

The Quick Start ChallengeLast night on 8 April 2014, I started on a new chapter in my internet marketing experience. With a webinar hosted by Dean Holland and with Craig Crawford hitting the chat box, things started on a positive note. In the wings somewhere was the other host JF Garsula.

The Quick Start Challenge looks like it will give a solid grounding to anyone wanting to seriously earn a living on the internet – if they apply themselves and are prepared to work. Dean was blunt and told at one stage that if one participant was not prepared to put in the time, leave the webinar and do not bother coming back as they were wasting each others time.

Brutal fighting talk is the way it should be as it is time that a lot of people who think that internet marketing consists of pushing a couple of buttons and the cash pumps from a never ending supply point into your bank account – are over. This is a job. A very nice job, once you get it right and work at it. Nothing comes easy except for a lottery ticket win, but how many of those are there? Rhetoric over.

Listening closely to the way Dean presents, a lot of Alex Jeffrey comes through. I was present at Alex’s presentation over two days last year and the mind set and no fluff approach are similar. Dean resonates and I think that there will be a lot of success here.

My initial observations are those of optimism and feel that this will be both money and time well invested. Only my hard work will make this a reality, so the ball is in my court.


Please watch and enjoy.


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4 thoughts on “The Quick Start Challenge – 2014

  1. LeslieZ

    No fluff approach also is no BS approach. I’d rather have it that way then some “guru” telling me “push this button and watch the money pour in”.

    Alex Jeffreys has taught or is friends with many people I follow and learn from today. He seems to have a wide circle of influence. He’s one of the good marketers.

    I wish you good luck on your challenge Darryl!


    1. Marketer Post author

      Too true.
      Thanks for stopping to comment.
      Yes Alex has a lot of influence and he taught me about a lot of things. Sit and have a drink with him if ever you have the opportunity, he is a strong character and mind.

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