The Quick Start Challenge Week 3

Yes the third week of our challenge. Not as daunting as it seemed after all. The thought was, what more must we do to prove not just to each other, but to ourselves? (Still averse to video!)

My major problem has been focus. There has been so much distraction, that I decided to end it all. The distraction I meant, not the other. In this vein, I started deleting the contents of my email in box. To be truthful, that should be boxes. As an inveterate squirrel, I have more than one email address, hence many distractions. Seeing more than 20 000 emails sitting in an inbox is sobering thought. What if I had a dollar for each. Indeed what if…

The clear out taught me to focus on what mail I was getting and from who. There was the whole crux of the matter. I could see that I had been duplicated on many peoples lists as I bought various ‘products’ with one email address and received in another. It got a bit confusing. No more. With a resolve borne from this new challenge, I decimated the contents of the unread piles and unceremoniously unsubscribed from many email lists.

One thing I have learnt in the past few weeks is that  there has been a very nasty breach of security doing the rounds with WordPress sites. This is something I need to read further about as it is always a concern. Basic precautions are always taken, but are they enough? I know that determined hackers will invade whichever space they want, but at least we can do what we can to hinder them.