The Quickstart Challenge 2014 – Week 2

Week 2 in The Quickstart Challenge 2014 saw a great challenge put to all the entrants. Get on Video. Here is mine.

There is no easy way to do this, but there it is. I would appreciate comment below.

Grim work when you have a face for radio and a voice for pdf!

Thank you

12 thoughts on “The Quickstart Challenge 2014 – Week 2

    1. Marketer Post author

      Hi Phil, thanks for the comment which is really appreciated. I have been doing the biz for a while and picked up a few tricks of the trade. A real techy at heart but not comfortable on THAT side of the camera. As the video says, just do it!!

  1. Neill

    Well Darryl that was certainly interesting. You obviously have some video editing experience, which I’m sure comes in handy in the IM arena. Best of luck with the uick Start Challenge.

    1. Darryl Post author

      Hey Neill
      Yip I sure have had a fair amount of video editing and making. Most of which I am about to delete!
      The reason is that I realize that a lot of the ‘work’ I have been doing is not what could be considered ‘cosher’ if you follow what that implies.
      As this challenge has opened my eyes, so a new start begins in other spheres of my life…

      Thanks for stopping and for the all best wishes to you too.

  2. Dawn

    Well done! I’m super camera shy too, but you come across as a sincere and a likeable person on film. People like seeing the real person on a blog. It really helps to build trust and credibility when you admit to others that you have stepped out of your comfort zone. Looking forward to watching you grow.

    1. Darryl Post author

      Hi Dawn
      It is difficult being on the ‘other’ side for once. I do a bit here and there, but this has been difficult.
      Sincerity has probably been a shortcoming sometimes as I call a spade a spade and when someone falls short, they know!
      Thanks for stopping and your kind words.

  3. Abigail

    Awesome video!… I can learn a lot from you as we go through the QSC.

    Love it….JUST DO IT… I haven’t even started the video but I’m encouraged and will get it done.

    Would love to learn how you did the video?
    Great website and best wishes!

    1. Darryl Post author

      Abigail thanks for that.
      Sometimes it is better to just do something without thinking too much about it first. That way the courage does not need to be plucked up. It does not exist. Ever done a bungee jump? It’s as easy as..
      Yeah, just do it..
      As to how I did the video? Smoke and mirrors and a great bit of

  4. Sue McDonald

    Hi Darryl

    Well done. Yes it is always frightening to do something new – especially making a video. I have to agree forget the nerves and just do it.

    To YOUR success

    Sue McDonald

    1. Darryl Post author

      Hello Sue
      Sometimes just bite the bullet and pull the trigger.
      Thanks for the support and wishes.

  5. Brett

    Great video well done, you came across well, hope your finding the challenge as good as i am, did you find the video easy or like me find having my face on video quite daunting.
    Well hope it goes well


    1. Darryl Post author

      Thanks for the words of encouragement. Indeed a difficult Challenge. Glad when it ended!

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